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Het Zwitserse tijdschrift Reportagen initieert de journalistieke prijs True Story Award, die volgend jaar augustus voor het eerst zal worden uitgereikt. Het belangrijkste doel van de prijs sluit feilloos aan op de missie van 360: het verbreden van ons westerse perspectief op de wereld. Journalisten wereldwijd worden aangespoord artikelen in te sturen die getuigen van moed en innovatie. 360 -hoofdredacteur Katrien Gottlieb is een van de juryleden. Hieronder de oproep van de organisatie.

Dear Reporters, Publishers and Editors

The «True Story Award», the inaugural global reporter prize of 2019, has got off to an excellent start: over 400 reporters from across the world have already submitted their entries. They are all hoping for one of the 42 nominations that will share the prize money of 177 000 Swiss francs – 30 000 of which is for the winner. All nominees will also be invited to the awards ceremony held at the three-day festival in Switzerland’s capital city of Bern: an event where reporters from the whole world come together, exchange ideas in front of audiences and talk about their work, and the background to their work. In short: about their world.

The prize money is one thing. Far more important is the ideological value of a journalism prize pitched for the first time on a global scale. From the entries received so far, there has been a noticeable number of investigative stories. And we’ve heard from investigative journalists who say that the competition has renewed their enthusiasm for the profession and strengthened their conviction that, despite the risks, it’s worth continuing.

And the risks are many: the case of Jamal Kashoggi, the arrest of Reuters journalists in Myanmar or the death threats to journalists in Nicaragua are just a few recent examples. According to a report published last week by Reporters sans frontières, no less than 30 journalists have been the victims of organized crimesince 2017.

«Journalists who cover dangerous subjects such as organized crime often find themselves alone and vulnerable in the face of reprisals», says the NGO. «Governments must do everything possible to give them adequate support and protection and not turn a deaf ear to protection requests.»

With its global outreach, the «True Story Award» aims to help give journalists from all countries a voice and therefore boost the profession as a whole.

There are still a good three weeks until the closing date of 10 January 2019, at which point our world-class jury can start reading and reaching their decisions. Go to our website,, to meet the 50-strong jury, including staff writer at the New Yorker, Jon Lee Anderson, whose reporting career began in Peru in 1979 and who has written books on Che Guevara, Baghdad and Afghan poetry. Professor Emeritus at the «Missouri School of Journalism», Jacqui Banaszynski, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. Or Somalian author Nuruddin Farah, who counts as one of the most influential authors on the African continent. Other members include the Columbian Alberto Salcedo Ramos, who teaches at the «Fundación del Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano» founded by Gabriel García Márquez; Chinese writer Liang Hong, whose books documenting life in her home town, Liang Village, have made her famous across whole China; and journalist Shiori Ito from Japan, whose story about her experience as a rape victim caused a sensation. Also cult radio journalist Marino Sinibaldi from Italy, the Turkish novelist Ece Temelkuran, and Rana Saddagh from Jordan who heads the «Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism» consortium.

They and many others are eagerly awaiting your entries: deadline is 10 January 2019.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Puntas Bernet
Initiator «True Story Award»

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